Better Late Than Never Grammys Best and Worst

By Bronwyn O’Neill

The Grammys aired last Sunday and although most eyes were on the award winners, our eyes were on the fashion, including the worst and best dressed.

Of course, everyone had their own opinion of what was stylish and what wasn’t. Here I’ll give you my opinion on the top five best and worst dressed celebs of the night.

Best Dressed

  1. Kylie Jenner


I never thought I’d put Kylie Jenner on a best dressed list, but this dress, her hair and that purse. Perfection. Although her nails are a bit too vampire-esque, this look stuns.

  1. Ariana Grande


Simple, chic, grown-up. Ariana pulls off the white look flawlessly, despite the silver chain mail side. A mature side of the 21-year-old singer.

  1. Nicki Minaj


I love seeing Nicki in elegant dresses; I don’t think she wears enough of them. She nails this look, so sleek and stylish. You can’t get enough of a LBD.

  1. Taylor Swift


Maybe it’s just me being controversial, but I loved this look. Maybe because it’s Taylor Swift, she can do no wrong. However, she pulled off this gown in a way only Taylor could.

  1. Chrissy Teigen


Her man may be cleaning up at award shows, but Chrissy is standing out in flawless outfits. This dress is so simple, but perfect. Her hair is stunning. 10 out of 10.

Worst Dressed


  1. Rihanna


Well, it certainly got everyone talking. It also took up three seats at the award show. So A+ for avoiding people. Unfortunately you look like cake-topper.

  1. Iggy Azalea


Definitely not very fancy, Iggy. The hair is not flattering and I’m seriously sick of cut out dresses. Not this year.

  1. Rita Ora


I don’t know if the aim of the Grammys is to win an award or look like one. Either way this dress is a serious no-no.


  1. Paris Hilton


Sparkles and cut-outs? Two of my least favourite trends. Not this year, Paris. Sorry.

  1. Madonna


This look has left me utterly speechless. She is fifty-six years old, wearing outfits like this. I’m not sure whether to congratulate her or cringe. However this is honestly the worst outfit I’ve seen at the Grammys.

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