Everything you need for festival fun

by Bronwyn O’Neill

With summer fast approaching, everyone is excited to finish exams and enjoy the freedom. With the he scramble to buy summer clothes, book holidays and finalise those summer plans, eyes turn to music festivals.

Here in Ireland, festivals such as Electric Picnic and Longitude draw in crowds by the thousands. With the festival season already kicking off overseas with Ultra and Coachella, here is a quick guide to some essentials to pack, as well as some cute outfit ideas to make sure you’re fashion forward on the days.

  1. Dry Shampoo

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Realistically, you’re not going to have much time to use on-site showers. Especially not to give your hair the TLC it deserves. Dry shampoo is a godsend; any female can vouch for this. So, pack a bottle in your bag to make sure your hair looks fresh over the weekend.


2. Portable Phone Charger


You’re going to be taking lots and lots of pictures and videos at the event (as well as receiving phone calls from mammy wondering if you’re okay). Make sure you bring a portable phone charger. It will save you a lot of hassle and you’ll have use of your mobile device the entire time.


3. Water/Hydration packs

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And lots of it. You’re going to be dancing and pushed into a crowd for hours at a time. If you can get your hands on a hydration packs this is even better. You can fill this up with 1 or 2 litres of water, and carry it on your back. Water is a safe choice to prevent dehydration. Always be safe kids.


4. Raincoat


Let’s be realistic, this isn’t Coachella, we’re not in sunny California. It’s Ireland, it’ll probably rain. So a raincoat is always a good shout. Even if it’s really light, it’s better than nothing.

  1. Wellies


Obviously, you’ll have to pack wellies. It’s great to see that we’ve moved on from green farmer willies to pattered wellies for the fashionista. It’s a festival. It’s going to be mucky. Don’t wear sandals.

  1. Travel size toiletries


It’s just the easiest way to bring deodorant, sun cream, spray etc. The smaller the better.

  1. Baby wipes


You’ll be sweaty and sticky by the end of the day. You probably won’t want to wait in a queue to have a shower, so baby or wet wipes are your best bet. They’re also handy for taking off makeup and cleaning up small messes quickly.


8. Earplugs


What?! Yes, bring earplugs. You’re at a festival. It’s going to be super loud. What if you want to go to sleep early (an act you don’t like is performing) or your camp site is just too loud? It’s also helpful if you’re up at the front with extremely loud speakers. Just a thought.

Aside these, of course bring spare clothes, a tent, sleeping bags and food!!!


Now onto the fun part! The clothes.

Everyone is always inspired by the celebrity festival goers at Coachella. Vanessa Hudgens  in particular always seems to look flawless each year.


Cut-off and high waisted shorts are still a huge trend. Try something with a cool print or just go for plain denim.



 Crop tops and florals

This year crop tops are really popular.Especially those with a light flowing material and funky patterns. However if you don’t feel comfortable showing your midriff, a flowing floral top always looks great.



Bandeau bras and tank tops are always popular as layers. Kimono jackets are also a huge style trend this year. They are really easy to wear if you want to spice up an otherwise boring top.



Flower crowns      

Flower crowns don’t seem to be going away anytime soon.




If you can’t get behind the flower crown trend but still want to wear headgear, snapbacks are always popular on the festival scene. Cara Delevingne is often seen wearing them, during and outside festivals.


Bowler hats

I am personally obsessed with bowler hats and any excuse to wear one is great. So why not try out the look at a festival? You definitely won’t be alone.


Paint dots

A tamer version of rave paint, paint dots are a huge festival trend. You can’t go anywhere without seeing a famous face with dots on them when looking at Coachella fashion.


Rave Kandi

Every teenage girl has gone through a “bracelet phase”. If you haven’t, I’m sure you’ve seen one of your friends with a pile of bracelets up to their elbows. How about bring that trend back with some rave kandi bracelets. People make masks and even bras out of this stuff. Trust me it’s cool.


And if all else fails and you’re still looking for festival outfit ideas, look no further than Vanessa Hudgens, queen of Coachella.

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Better Late Than Never Grammys Best and Worst

By Bronwyn O’Neill

The Grammys aired last Sunday and although most eyes were on the award winners, our eyes were on the fashion, including the worst and best dressed.

Of course, everyone had their own opinion of what was stylish and what wasn’t. Here I’ll give you my opinion on the top five best and worst dressed celebs of the night.

Best Dressed

  1. Kylie Jenner


I never thought I’d put Kylie Jenner on a best dressed list, but this dress, her hair and that purse. Perfection. Although her nails are a bit too vampire-esque, this look stuns.

  1. Ariana Grande


Simple, chic, grown-up. Ariana pulls off the white look flawlessly, despite the silver chain mail side. A mature side of the 21-year-old singer.

  1. Nicki Minaj


I love seeing Nicki in elegant dresses; I don’t think she wears enough of them. She nails this look, so sleek and stylish. You can’t get enough of a LBD.

  1. Taylor Swift


Maybe it’s just me being controversial, but I loved this look. Maybe because it’s Taylor Swift, she can do no wrong. However, she pulled off this gown in a way only Taylor could.

  1. Chrissy Teigen


Her man may be cleaning up at award shows, but Chrissy is standing out in flawless outfits. This dress is so simple, but perfect. Her hair is stunning. 10 out of 10.

Worst Dressed


  1. Rihanna


Well, it certainly got everyone talking. It also took up three seats at the award show. So A+ for avoiding people. Unfortunately you look like cake-topper.

  1. Iggy Azalea


Definitely not very fancy, Iggy. The hair is not flattering and I’m seriously sick of cut out dresses. Not this year.

  1. Rita Ora


I don’t know if the aim of the Grammys is to win an award or look like one. Either way this dress is a serious no-no.


  1. Paris Hilton


Sparkles and cut-outs? Two of my least favourite trends. Not this year, Paris. Sorry.

  1. Madonna


This look has left me utterly speechless. She is fifty-six years old, wearing outfits like this. I’m not sure whether to congratulate her or cringe. However this is honestly the worst outfit I’ve seen at the Grammys.

Make sure to follow The Ink Ladies for more award show analysis, leading up to the main event/ the height of our lives- THE OSCARS.