The F Word

by Bronwyn O’Neill


When most people hear the word feminist they cringe in fear. They picture a towering tall, masculine, unshaved woman. However I’m here to destroy that stereotype. I’m a tiny, blonde female who enjoys wearing dresses and jamming to Taylor Swift. And I am a feminist! I most certainly do not hate men. We need to destroy the idea of “feminazis”.

So firstly let’s discuss what feminism is. The definition of feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. Yes, equality. The whole idea wishes for men and women to be equal. Therefore, as a feminist, I don’t just preach about women’s rights, I also am a firm believer in promoting men’s rights.

I do not hate men!!! I do not know how many times I had to explain that feminists do not hate men. Quite the opposite really. If you’re asking what male rights are, that is a fair question. Feminists fight for men to be able to speak out about rape and abolish the concept that men cannot get raped. It is one of the more difficult topics that we deal with. However it must be said.

So, are you getting a better idea of what feminists are?


Another concept that gets to me is the idea that only certain women can be feminists. False! This is a serious problem, even within the feminist community. Just because you are feminine does not mean you are not a feminist.

Why do we hate on females you enjoy wine and fruity drinks? Who like singing Taylor Swift into a hairbrush? Girls who like to wear leggings and Uggs? Honestly, I am guilty of all of these. Does that make me any less of a feminist?

Do you have to do a certain test to get into feminism? I don’t think so. Being girly does not make you any less qualified to be a feminist. It shouldn’t matter if you are “slutty” or a “prude”. If you believe in equal rights for the sexes then you are indeed a feminist. This may be a shock for some of you.

Being a feminist does not mean you have to give up your femininity. In my opinion, it means you should embrace it more. Trust me, I will get equality wearing red lipstick and sipping a vodka and coke, whilst walking over the old ideas in killer heels.

Also, we cannot forget- men can be feminists too. What??? Yes, dear reader. You do not have to possess a vagina to want equality. I know several male feminists, and a dozen more who have no idea they are feminists.

Please stop the hatred of feminism. Please become more informed on the topic before deciding you are not one. We are not a man hating cult, I swear.

Equality for all.


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