Five Famous Feminists

by Bronwyn O’Neill

At the Ink Ladies, we love being feminists. Even though International Women’s day was on Sunday, is there any reason we can’t have any more girl love. So, I thought about some famous ladies who are really paving the way for women everywhere (even if you don’t think they are the stereotypical feminists).



Of course, Beyoncé makes the list. We had a whole article about her and why she is an amazing feminist. Not only does she donate to charity and stand up for equality, she also shows us that feminism can be sexy.

Emma Watson


Miss Watson has been an inspiration for me since I first saw her in Harry Potter back in 2001. Therefore, she has always been a role model for me. When she stood up at the UN and spoke about feminism I was in awe. Finally someone that everyone will listen to. No one would call her stupid or a slut. However, she was soon a victim of hate. Why? Simply because people have no idea what feminism is. Emma is an amazing role model and face of feminism for young girls.

Taylor Swift


Although, a newly fledged feminist, Taylor deserves to make this list. She realised she was wrong in her views of what a feminist is and is now out there spreading the word. Taylor suffers a lot of injustice due to the fact she sings about heartbreak. A pure example of this was during an acceptance speech where she thanked her exes that made her album a possibility. She, of course, received hate for this. However when Sam Smith said the same thing at the Grammys, he received a positive reaction. Taylor has also stopped dating so the media cannot make anything out of her “relationships.” This highlights why we need feminism.

Nicki Minaj


Yes! Nicki Minaj makes this list. The amount of wisdom that comes out of this woman’s mouth is astounding. She may not be your “average feminist”. However if she wants equal rights, if she supports young girls and respects herself then hell yes she’s a feminist. Although, she may flaunt her sexuality in videos, that doesn’t mean she’s any less of a feminist. If a man did it then no one would bat an eyelash.

“I’m fighting for the girls who never thought they could win.” – Nicki Minaj.

Mindy Kaling


An incredibly successful woman, with her own show “The Mindy Project”, she reminds everyone that successful women aren’t always cookie cutter shapes. She is honestly such an inspiration to all girls who don’t feel like people will respect them. Who cares if you’re not a tiny stick figure girl? Her sitcom was the first to have the focus on an Indian-American female and her self deprecating jokes and coffee- fuelled charm have made it a major success. She also wrote for The US Office.

So there you have it, five women who set great societal examples in their individual ways.

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