8 Unmissable Youtube Web Series

by Zainab Boladale

Many people are unaware that youtube is not just for watching music video and cute cats doing cute things. Youtube also has many web series created by aspiring writers and directors who use the platform to showcase their talents to a wider audience.

Here is my list of the top 8 web series on youtube.

1.Adult Wednesday Addams:

If you were a huge fan of the Addams Family Values, you’ll love this short web series of Wednesday Addams, all grown up and bringing back the dark humour we all loved so much. Actor, Comedian and Writer Melissa Hunters flawlessly imitates the fictional character and I can’t help but giggle at every twisted joke she makes.



Based on a gothic book series about vampires, the web series is another addition to the many vampire tales out there but thankfully this one is quirky,very modern and actually funny. If you were ever suspicious of evil vampire activities being linked to disappearing girls on your campus, then this is the webseries for you.


3.Riley Rewind:

Riley Rewind is really a movie that has been released in parts by then couple, Ray William Johnson and Anna Akana (Also famous youtubers). It follows the journey of Riley Brown who can go back in time and change things but it causes a decline in her health.


4.Out with Dad:

This series follows a teenage girl on a journey of self discovery, she struggles with coming to terms with her sexuality, coming out of the closet, falling in love and being heartbroken. This show displays the struggles LGBT+ teens go through and contrast the difference between coming out and having supportive parents and coming out and having non-supportive parents.

  1. Most Popular Girls in School:

Ever wondered what an all barbie doll cast would look like if they were in high school? Well, you’re in luck. This incredibly popular web series displays barbie dolls acting Mean Girls but only these girls are meaner. The cheerleading squad are set on remaining on top of their school’s social hierarchy and they will do anything to stay on top!

6.Bertie Gilbert Short films:

Although he doesn’t make webseries, I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t throw his work into this list. Bertie Gilbert is a 17-year-old talented filmmaker who creates beautiful short films that are meant to be watched not just for their brilliant storylines but also for the amazing cinematography. Each story is very different and told in a well presented manner.

7.The Misadventures of AWKWARD black girl:

This is one of the best web series i’ve come across and I always find myself re-watching it.

It it is relatable, witty and funny. The main character “J” is a normal black woman who has to deal with issues every woman has to deal with. She finds a hilarious way to juggle embarrassing and awkward moments in her relationships, friendships and work life.

You’ll find yourself being able to identify with her problems.


8.Backseat Bitches:

Ever wondered what it was like to be an L.A girl? Well wonder no more, these backseat bitches show us how L.A girls “Turn up” even if they don’t have a car. Being a flawless young adult in hollywood is hard and these two girls are here to show you the struggles they face. They show us that its hard being a party girl in L.A!

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