Love Letters on Mother’s Day

Let’s be honest, mums are pretty amazing. Not only do they lug you around for nine months, but they stick around afterwards to clean up your sick and look after you when you’re not feeling the best – whether that’s when you’re a baby suffering from colic, or a teenager who’s had one too many is besides the point.

This Mother’s Day, a few of us here at The Ink Ladies decided to take the opportunity to write a little letter of appreciation to our mums. We hope you enjoy, and make sure to show your mum some love this Mother’s Day!

Emily Crowley


Here’s Mama Crowley pictured with her FAVOURITE child on my Debs day in 2014.

Like most mothers of my fellow colleagues, my mother always wanted me to do well and wanted me to do what made me happy. She wanted me to always try my best in school, which I did, but unlike the other girls who write for The Ink Ladies, my mom was sitting at the other side of the teacher’s desk in school. Having a teacher mom had its downsides, believe me – NO ONE wants their mom to explain the reproductive system in graphic detail to their classmates. NO ONE. However, she always helped me out along the way and consequently got two of my best Leaving Cert results out of me. Who would have thought? Mom did all the worrying for me too; she was the one that cringed at the sight of the maths theorems when she saw me writing them out, she was the one praying the exams would be over sooner, and she was the one that couldn’t sleep the night before results. All in all, it was pretty cool having her near me at school and at home. No one could’ve looked after me any more than she could and it’s kind of weird not being home for Mother’s Day this year.

I’ve always said the being a mother is undoubtedly one of the most special jobs – anyone one can be a parent, but it takes someone special to be a Mom. So I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge everything that my Mom has done over the past 19 years, and here’s to many more years with her! Mom, thanks for everything, love you lots and always. Happy Mother’s Day.

Hannah Kelly


Selfies with my lovely mam

As mother’s day approached this year, I found myself thinking about just how amazing my mam is. She has always been an inspiring woman to me and has helped shape me into the woman I am today. I look up to her so much and have always considered her a great role model.

Some of the fondest memories I have with my mam were when I started attending Pieta House about 2 years ago and we would make the journey to Lucan together every Thursday. It seems like a trivial thing, but those car journeys meant a lot to me. We got to know each other more, and learned to understand where the other was coming from.

It meant a lot to me that during that time my mam’s attention was fully focused on me, and mine on her. I felt her love and support without her having to say anything, it was a beautiful thing. We didn’t always discuss anything serious; most of the time it was just how school was going, what my plans for the weekend were, and what homework I had. It didn’t matter what we talked about, what mattered was that she was there for me.

I know I haven’t always been the easiest daughter to deal with – I’ve had my problems and I’ve taken my time to figure myself out. But, I have always appreciated what my mam did and continues to do for me. She’s always on my side, never judges me, and always shows her love for me no matter what I say to her.

More than anything I just want to thank her, and want her to know that I realise what an amazing woman she is. If I could be half the woman she is, I would be happy.

Ciara Moran


Sharing the love with Therese

My mam is not just my mother, she’s also my friend. Like friends, we can argue over things like how long I take to get ready or how she lets my older sister get away with everything (pretty sure that’s typical younger child syndrome). But I can also trust my mam with anything and know that she will always tell me the truth – from letting me know that those trousers look dreadful on me, to how I really need to start job hunting or else I’ll be broke. I am guilty of not telling and showing my mam appreciation for everything she does, such as the weekly shop, collecting me from places and making dinner for the four of us every day. Thank you, mam.

She has been through everything with me. She may as well have sat my Leaving Cert alongside me, going by how much stress I put her through! She can sometimes be funny (emphasis on the sometimes), but always loving and caring. For example, I love the way she puts my pyjamas on the radiator and clears my bed of makeup and clothes for when I come in from a night out. I love how she treats my dog as if she were human. I love how she insists on having an hour nap every day after work. I love her. Plus she makes a killer chicken curry.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mam !  x

Keava O’Loan

“Our mothers always remain the strangest, craziest people we’ve ever met.”

– Marguerite Duras


Me with my mum and sisters after a few too many Long Island Iced Teas in Cyprus last Summer

I have always been a daddy’s girl. I know that’s a strange way to start a Mother’s Day piece, but it’s true. For years, I didn’t appreciate everything my mum does for me and just how incredibly cool she is. Yes, she has her embarrassing moments, but what parent doesn’t? In fact, now that I’m past those awkward teen years where you cringe at absolutely everything your parents do, I’ve come to realise that she’s never really been that embarrassing at all. The way she mixes up phrases and mispronounces pretty much everything? Provided some of the funniest moments ever. The fact that she’s a massive oversharer? Means that no topic – periods/sex/‘Embarrassing Bodies’ type questions – has ever been off limits. The electric blue suede and faux fur coat? Borrowed it over Christmas. Being weirdly over involved with my friends? She’s been there for some of them when they couldn’t confide in their own parents. In fact, I’ve been told by more than one of my friends that they think of her as their second mum.

While I’m lucky enough to have grown up surrounded by a lot of strong women, my mum has always lead the pack. If anything, she’s too ballsy. She’s also a chronic overspender, can’t handle her wine, and is obsessed with her friends. These are all traits I have inherited from her. Not all of them are useful, but it means that every time I buy something just because it’s on sale, injure myself on a drunken night out, or gush about how amazing my friends are, it’s a bit like she’s right there beside me.

It’s hard to sum up why you love someone – all I can come up with is a series of random memories and silly little things that are special about that person. When I think of my mum, I think of Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (has to be the Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell version), Eau Dynamisante by Clarins, fish pie, spending a night drunkenly locked outside in the rain with just a fur coat for shelter from the elements, and the best laugh in the world.

This Mother’s Day, I can’t wait to crack open a bottle of wine with my mum and raise a glass to the lady herself. Nora, you’re some woman for one woman.


Mother Knows Best: Merits of a Mom

by Bronwyn O’Neill

Mother’s day is fast approaching. A day to celebrate the most important woman in your life and dote on her.The woman who gave you life and then puts up with you for the remaining years until you get a house of your own. Although, most people never stop relying on their mother. For most girls especially mothers are the most important person in their life.


Your mom is your first best friend. You can tell them anything and they’ll listen. Even though they may seem seriously annoying and overbearing sometimes, your mother always knows best. She is always a shoulder to cry on and someone who will listen to your crap.

Mother’s always seem to have a magic sense to know when someone is bad news. This can range from boyfriends to friends. If your mother doesn’t like a person you associate with there is a 90% chance that person is bad news. However, in five month’s time when you’re sobbing to your mom about how horrible the person was, she won’t say “I told you so.”


Even if sometimes your mom can be a bit embarrassing around your friends, trying to relieve their youth, they always mean well. Deep, deep down. Moms just want to be part of your life and make sure you’re being safe. And this can lead to loads of awkward conversations though, they do mean their best (I have to remember this).

Moms are seriously the best people. They will tell you when your dress is horrible and they always seem to know what clothes will suit you. Yes, they may be a bit cruel when they say stuff, but at least they want you to look well. Moms are also the best people to watch girly shows and films with, followed by discussions of the plot, characters and especially the main actor.

download (1)

Who else would have taught you how to do make-up and hair? Especially when you were a little girl, dressing up in Mommy’s clothes and shoes. Moms also manage to be the best cuddlers and teamakers. It is a known fact. Luckily for all girls, moms are there to get us through our first period and make us hot water bottles. Whilst dads and brothers cringe at the topic, you know your mom has always got your back.

Mothers are literally the best creatures in the entire world. So, they definitely deserved to be treated right on Sunday. Give them one day when they are not juggling twenty-two jobs. I know my mom certainly needs it. So maybe don’t shout at your mom for one day, I know it’s hard, but let’s try.


10 Cute, Smart and Funny Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

by Lucy Mangan


With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start saving and scrimping for that perfect gift. But it doesn’t have to be as hard as it was last year with all the cute DIY gifts and cheap shops that have been popping up all over the place. If you’re as lucky as I feel to have a mom who is pretty similar in age (and taste) to you then shopping for her will be a breeze, but if you’re struggling to find a gift for your mom, I’ve made a list of 10 cute, smart and funny presents that all moms will appreciate.

  1. Sharpie Mugs

These are an absolute personal favourite of mine. You can put anything you want on them and it doesn’t matter if you’re artsy or not. I’ve seen some funny quotes done on mugs for mother’s day, like ‘World’s okayest mom’ and things like that but you can also personalise them and make more heartfelt and sentimental if you want, which is why they’re a perfect mother’s day gift! They’re also cheap and all you need is a mug, a sharpie and an oven!



mugmug 2

2. A Drawing

This one may be a little harder to perfect, but it’s still an amazing idea if you can get it just right! A drawing sounds pretty sad but I found that when you draw pictures of people with people they love and give it to them, they really appreciate it, as shitty as the drawing may be. Even if it is awful, your mom will love it because of all the time and effort you put into it and plus you can both laugh at how pathetically bad at art you are!


  1. Old recreated pictures

I’ve seen this one around the internet a lot and I personally think it really shows your mom that you care. Siblings and fathers may be included in these pictures so it’s a good idea to get your whole family involved and make a scrapbook for your mom out of it. From what I’ve seen and heard these old memories always go down a treat with parents.


A video of why love your mom

Okay, a little cringe I know, but I can guarantee that your mom will appreciate it. There’s nothing more a mother loves than getting told she’s loved and appreciated by her children and that’s all you need to do. Another good one to include the siblings in, if you have any! Completely free and definitely worth it.. Unless less your mom is like mine and will laugh at how cringe the whole situation is!


  1. Chocolates

Don’t diss the classics. It may be a bit overdone and cliché, but a bit of a ‘background check’ for this one will never go astray. Find out from your dad, aunts, family friends, anyone who may know, what your mom’s favourite chocolates are. This will earn you a lot of favours. I know that you can’t get my mum’s favourite chocolates where she lives, but you can where I live. Not a hard trip to go in and get them and she will definitely appreciate it!


6. A cheeky picture of you

This is another one of the funny little gifts that put a smile on my mum’s face when I did it for her. All you need to do is find a cute or funny photo frame to put yourself in and voila! The best part is you can put on your best angel face and she’ll have a good laugh at that! This is also another place where a sharpie could come in handy because with a few cute designs or phrases it becomes personalised and unique!


7. Candles

Again, don’t disregard the classics. Every time you talk to someone about gifts for mothers, candles always comes up tops! Just look around your house for the type of smells she likes and MAKE SURE you find out the smells she doesn’t like. Yankee Candles are by far the best but can be quite pricey, so a cheap substitute isn’t hard to find. If you’re willing to splash the cash though, I’d recommend Yankee!


  1. Bath bombs/body wash

One trip into LUSH will completely sort you out for this one. LUSH can be a bit on the pricey side but if you’re only buying one or two things it’s quite manageable. What you buy depends mostly on your mom and what she does. If you mom is a bath person, get her a cool bath bomb, if your mom is busy and doesn’t have time for a bath, get her a nice body wash! Again, be careful with the smells you chose for these things!


  1. A good old-fashioned clean up

This one will get you a million brownie points with mom! I recommend waiting until she goes to bed/ goes out to start this master plan. It’s pretty simple, just clean up as much as you can! Do all the horrible jobs that your mom does every day and I promise she will be positively glowing when she sees what you’ve done for her!

mop 2

  1. Just show her you care

Really, our parents know that half the time we’re completely skint (they also know we all spend every penny of our money on going out) and they understand that  big extravagant presents may not be on the cards, but just doing little things around the house like making tea and feeding cats or dogs, or even just telling her that you love her will genuinely be all that your mom needs on mother’s day!