Mother Knows Best: Merits of a Mom

by Bronwyn O’Neill

Mother’s day is fast approaching. A day to celebrate the most important woman in your life and dote on her.The woman who gave you life and then puts up with you for the remaining years until you get a house of your own. Although, most people never stop relying on their mother. For most girls especially mothers are the most important person in their life.


Your mom is your first best friend. You can tell them anything and they’ll listen. Even though they may seem seriously annoying and overbearing sometimes, your mother always knows best. She is always a shoulder to cry on and someone who will listen to your crap.

Mother’s always seem to have a magic sense to know when someone is bad news. This can range from boyfriends to friends. If your mother doesn’t like a person you associate with there is a 90% chance that person is bad news. However, in five month’s time when you’re sobbing to your mom about how horrible the person was, she won’t say “I told you so.”


Even if sometimes your mom can be a bit embarrassing around your friends, trying to relieve their youth, they always mean well. Deep, deep down. Moms just want to be part of your life and make sure you’re being safe. And this can lead to loads of awkward conversations though, they do mean their best (I have to remember this).

Moms are seriously the best people. They will tell you when your dress is horrible and they always seem to know what clothes will suit you. Yes, they may be a bit cruel when they say stuff, but at least they want you to look well. Moms are also the best people to watch girly shows and films with, followed by discussions of the plot, characters and especially the main actor.

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Who else would have taught you how to do make-up and hair? Especially when you were a little girl, dressing up in Mommy’s clothes and shoes. Moms also manage to be the best cuddlers and teamakers. It is a known fact. Luckily for all girls, moms are there to get us through our first period and make us hot water bottles. Whilst dads and brothers cringe at the topic, you know your mom has always got your back.

Mothers are literally the best creatures in the entire world. So, they definitely deserved to be treated right on Sunday. Give them one day when they are not juggling twenty-two jobs. I know my mom certainly needs it. So maybe don’t shout at your mom for one day, I know it’s hard, but let’s try.


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