Beauty Buy of the Week: Foundation

by Laura Burke


I bought Maybelline’s new Superstay Better Skin foundation last week and was amazed by the results. I wanted a foundation that was light on my skin, had good overall coverage, came at a reasonable price and this product achieved all those things.

On my first application, I noticed that when pumping it out of the bottle it appears quite thick and heavy but when applied to the skin it goes such a long way and evens out any blemishes. It’s such a light and comfortable foundation to wear and apart from its wonderful appearance, you almost wouldn’t know you’re wearing it.

As a college student, I’m always searching for foundations that are a good alternative to some of the more expensive brands such as Mac and Estee Lauder. With Maybelline’s new Better Skin foundation I certainly found a reputable replacement I can wear effortlessly mid-week.

This liquid foundation promises to even out skin discolouration and promotes skin regeneration. This has been tried and tested and I personally feel that my skin benefited greatly from this foundation after removal more than any other foundation I used. Some foundations can leave your skin feeling dry, heavy or oily after removal but this certainly didn’t with mine.

It comes in eight shades to suit each individual skin colour and the price ranges from €8.99 to €13.49 at the most.

I would also recommend Vichy’s Dermablend Corrective foundation which in my opinion possesses a slight advantage over Maybelline’s Better Skin foundation as the coverage is quite frankly unbeatable. However, it does come at almost double the price (€21.99) of Maybelline’s foundation but if you want your make up to last and have an amazing glow all day and night, Vichy is the one to go for.

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