The Biggest Fashion Fails

by Zainab Boladale

The history of fashion has always hit and miss.Sometimes strange things come into season that ought to be questioned.I look through some fashion trends that I think should never have existed.

Flared jeans:

DBA1A369images (3)

I can appreciate jeans but I don’t understand why flared jeans were ever legal in the 70’s. What was the idea behind them? To hide the shape of your legs? They are highly unflattering and remind me of leg parachute that are about to take off.




The only thing special about a 70s mullet is that only a small amount of people can actually pull it them off. For the rest of the unlucky population, trying this hairstyle is condemning yourself to one of the world’s worst fashion decisions. Mullets look like the start of a bad hair day that never ended. Committing yourself to such an alternative hairstyle is risky and takes guts.

Luminous outfits:


The fact that there was a time when owning a collection of luminous items was considered an accomplishment makes me question the concept of style.

Luminous outfits should be reserved for young teenage disco and luminous themed nights.

Harem pants:


Apologies to anyone who actually think these look cool. They look like a really heavy diaper pants for adults. These should only be worn for comical reasons.


Patterned/colourful suits:


From time to time the fashion industry tries to test us by throwing things like this at us. Yeah sure, they may look good, that is if you are going to a dress up party but correct me if i’m wrong but I thought the purpose of a suit is to make you appear official and powerful. If so, I wouldn’t advise wearing this to your next interview. Yes, you’ll make an impression but you might not get the job.


Metallic dresses:

download (2)img-thingdownload (3)

Save yourself from looking like you just got wrapped in the cheapest kind of tinfoil. Metallic dresses, especially metallic dresses that are made with cheap fabric, will make you look, well….Cheap!


Puffy sleeves:

download (4)images (5)

No, No,No, No, No! What was the fashion industry thinking? I thought the whole purpose of clothing was to accentuate your best assets. What do puffy sleeves do for anybody except make them look like they are about to take flight into another dimension.


download (5)

It’s funny that crocs are now one of those things people will forever deny owning. Crocs have now become something you only wear indoors. Heaven forbids someone actually finds you in them, your social status would be ruined!


Crimped hair:

download (6)crimped-hair-trend-reem-acra-spring-summer-2014-80s-hair-trend-runway-fashion-week-supermodel-hair-ideas

The 80s and the 90s took crimped hair to a whole new level, if your hair didn’t look like a packet of uncooked ramen noodles then forget about being one of the popular kids.


Socks with Sandals:

To think that someone looked at a pair of sandals and said to themselves “you know what would really go well with these sandals?…A pair of socks”  actually makes me a little sick. This look was doomed before it started.


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